Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020
SEO History

SEO History

History lesson about SEO

Ten to fifteen years ago when the Internet was young and was in its infancy, the way was easy for most internet marketers. The ranking of a website to Google was not a major problem since there was not much competition between sites.

Ten of fifteen years into the future, the Internet has changed much. Things are easier now. Google has changed a lot over the years. Now there is intense competition among internet marketers and webmasters. The strategies that worked a few years ago no longer work.

You should understand some facts about Google if you want to succeed in search engine optimization (SEO). Many people do not know these facts.

Google takes a site based on its Page Rank (PR). This is known to all those interested in SEO. PR is increasingly important with the passage of time are more and more websites are coming online, and competition is increasing.

It is becoming very difficult for Google to decide which site is ahead of the other. So, Google uses PR, know this much!

How does Google Page Rank? It is a bit complex. You go into the details and confused. These simple facts will give you the essence. Google assigns a PR of each website you create. It is never zero. At first, there is some value, but over time it may become 1, 2 or more.

Only by joining the inside pages of the website, you can build a good public relations over time. In other words, good internal linking structure of your website is very helpful in achieving a high page rank. I have seen websites that have no more than 100 backlinks, but they have a PR of 5 or more.

Most of these sites are three to four years old. 2000-3000 have websites. Most pages are filled with quality content. So what Google is overtime is the quality content and age of the website.

The larger the website, the higher your PR. Forget about the ranking of a new website in a few months! Just keep adding good quality pages on a daily or weekly basis and in a few years, your website will have a PR of 5 or more. It’s as simple as that.

Another myth that is propagated is the density of keywords on the website. Google does not care about keyword density. So you should not worry about it too. Do not waste your money on the purchase of tools keyword density.

Google uses LSI (latent semantic indexing) patent now. This is also dark. Some say yes. Another says no. You need not worry about it. Just write each entry as if you were talking to someone. Forget about how the search engine is going to look at your website and keyword density. It is the reader who should be king for you, this is exactly what LSI is and what Google also wants.

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