Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020
5 Data of Interest SEO

5 Data of Interest SEO

5 Data of Interest SEO – Learn what you need to succeed online!

1. Most of you can do SEO yourself: If people would understand this fact alone, that would save much time and agony. SEO involves link building, on-page optimization, blog comments, forum comments, observations directory, press releases, etc. You simply can not attend them all yourself. Hiring an SEO company or outsource!

2. Most SEO services offer minimal benefits: This is a little sad, but true. Most offer SEO services directory and article submissions, link building reciprocal and related methods to increase your link popularity. And when they say they are increasing their link popularity, which is all they mean. There is a difference between the number of incoming links you have and the benefit it brings. Do not buy from SEO companies that will provide the usual services. You’re getting ripped off!

3. SEO is almost always costly: Because people almost always do the wrong way. Even if they do it correctly, they have yet to spend much money on it. For example, in the beginning, I used to do all the SEO myself. After 4 months of work, I realized I had only been able to build 693 links to my website and most of them were crappy quality. Then I just stopped. I learned to “outsource” to do the work for me. Understand that due to SEO gives you free traffic, if successful, you may have to bear a substantial investment in the beginning to do the job.

4. SEO is not the most important factor for success: Now some might argue this, but I think the content is what makes or breaks the game. I have seen many websites that suck from an SEO perspective, but because they have quality content, people still go to them. That does not mean you should just stop taking care of your site’s SEO. Far from it!

5. High-quality SEO is the king: If someone offers you 10,000 links for $ 49.99, run in the other direction! To succeed, you need high-quality links to high-quality websites. Do not settle for many low-quality links. It takes longer for your benefit, costs more (when compared to its disadvantages) and you could get penalized!

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